Silly traditions and our last days in India

Today we got up and got some breakfast at the hotel.
We planned to meet at 12:00 with the bride and groom, but they didn’t expect the people around them to be so strict with traditions.

Apparently they couldn’t leave the village they were in for the next 3 days because of Indian wedding traditions. Unfortunately we weren’t be able to meet up with them anymore since today was also our flight back to Bangalore (and a drive to Pandithapuram would take 1,5 hours) but we agreed to catch up once we were all back in The Netherlands. So we headed into Guntur again to check out some shops.

Of course near the silver/gold shops there was quite a few beggars,but one girl who was also leading a cow was really persistent. No matter where we went and which alleys we took, she always managed to find us again. When we finally were able to lose here we went back to the hotel to pack up our bags and head towards Vijayawada airport for our flight to Bangalore.

At 22:45 we arrived at our hotel in Bangalore. We quickly signed all the papers (although it stated my nationality was Indian, probably because of friend of the groom booked it) and quickly head out since we didn’t have any dinner yet and we could only find a nearby “restaurant”, the McDonalds, to be open until 23:00. We got there at 22:55 and, after getting through hundreds of flying ants which were crawling on the floor, they fortunately would still take our order.
Luckily we could eat upstairs, where there were no bugs crawling on the floor.

Afterwards we went back to the pub we visited during our first days of India where we ordered a pitcher of Kingfisher.
5 minutes after we got the pitcher, we were kindly asked to hurry up since they were closing.
Rhonja and I set a new time-record for drinking a 1,8 liter pitcher and we headed back to hotel for some sleep.

The next morning after breakfast we did some last minute souvenir shopping. The places we went during our holiday gave us a true Indian feeling, but for the most part they weren’t really aimed at tourists, so we had to get most of the stuff in Bangalore.
We made a quick stop at the same pub again for a 1+1 Kingfisher pitcher and some vegetarian nacho’s.
When we were done we dropped off our shopping at the hotel and headed towards a new friend of ours.
Rhonja unfortunately was starting to feel a bit sick, probably the Nacho’s or the beer at the pub was spoiled since she had a huge stomach ache. (luckily it was only a stomach ache without any¬†“side effects”)

At first we wanted to take a cab, but our friend advised us to try Uber, which we had never used before. When using Google Maps in India, it also shows you options to book an Uber driver, which makes it amazingly easy to book a cheap ride to wherever you want to go.
(A rickshaw is probably cheaper, but with a regular car our ride would already take 50 minutes)
We headed outside, called an Uber driver and within 1 minute we were headed towards our friend.

When we arrived he showed us his house and we also got some Indian snacks. We forgot the names unfortunately, but one was savoury and looked like spaghetti, the other was sweet and looked a bit like dates.
After a while we decided to grab some snacks nearby, and while walking downstairs I was asked whether I would want to the bike to the food stalls. Being Dutch I thought: “I’m perfectly fine riding a bike in The Netherlands, so riding one in India should be only slightly harder”, so I agreed.

Once downstairs I found that of course by “bike”, they meant motorbike. Seeing I had never rode one (or actually participated in Indian traffic aside from being a pedestrian) and we also had the 1+1 pitcher deal today, I quickly passed and accepted the back of the seat as mode of transportation.
We made a 10 minute drive towards a street where there were a lot of food stalls.
Although we were advised not to eat on the streets, but seeing Rhonja was already sick (and I would probably be as well very soon, since we ate from the same plates today) we went ahead and had a really spicy chicken kebab.
Afterwards we grabbed a few beers and because Rhonja wasn’t feeling to well we called another Uber and headed back to the hotel to get some rest.
At the hotel we packed our stuff and got ready for our trip back to the airport at 23:30.

During this time Marcel also wasn’t feeling too good, so all the waiting at the airport at check-in and customs was a really uncomfortable. (Why do Indian customs take 5 minutes per person to check your freakin’ passport and airplane ticket?!)
Finally we were able to board at 03:15 for our flight to Abu Dhabi. Marcel skipped the meal on this plane, Rhonja was feeling a bit better again so did eat it, but afterwards agreed Marcel made the better choice since it wasn’t really tasty.

Rhonja had a decent sleep on the plane, while Marcel slept terrible.
So kinda exhausted we landed on Abu Dhabi at 07:15 and we could board the plane to Amsterdam an hour later.

Everything else went kinda smooth. We safely arrived back in The Netherlands, drove back to home, our stomach aches went away and are fully rested again.
Time went really fast, but we had an amazing time in India and we feel honored we were able to experience the wedding of our friends in India!

Now we just have to sort out the 1500 pictures we made…