Bangalore part 2

For yesterday’s schedule, Rhonja did some planning. We wanted to visit the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Musical Fountain and Bangalore Fort.

We started with some breakfast in the hotel, which was quite decent (but not “superb” as claimed). We aren’t sure what we exactly had, there was some idly (which is some sort of fluffy cake) which we combined with some vegetables and vegetarian curry and it was quite nice (at least there wasn’t a fish salad this time)

After breakfast we went towards the National Gallery, they lent out there complete collection and it would be back tomorrow.
Okay… Let’s check this musical fountain thingy then: Closed, opens at 7pm.
We did wander around Bangalore Palace for a bit (although we didn’t actually see it). We mainly saw the Palace grounds, which were a bit barren.

To cope with the disappointment we headed to MG Road to do some shopping and afterwards landed back in the pub we were in the day before.

This time we didn’t go for two glasses of beer, but we took a pitcher instead.
We also ordered some chicken snacks to compensate for the pitcher of beer.
When we finished our pitcher and just talking a bit, the waiter came to our table with a new full pitcher of beer.
A bit surprised we said “No thanks” but when he replied with “It’s free” we didn’t want to be rude so we continued with that one. Apparently the pub had a rule: before 6pm you get 1 free pitcher if you order 1.
Seems reasonable.

In the pub we killed some time by playing a mini boardgame I brought (which revolves around mints!) and when the second pitcher was empty we got up and headed for Bangalore Fort for which we called a rickshaw.

Rickshaws are really the best way of transportation in Bangalore. They’re dirt cheap since most of the time it’ll only cost around 25-40 rupee (€0.35-€0.55) for a trip of 2-4km.
Sometimes you’ll get drivers who suddenly don’t work with meters but ask 200 rupee, but we mainly refused those.

When we got to Bangalore Fort, we nearly passed it without noticing. It was a really small entrance and not busy. When we got inside we knew why, it was just a few a gate, 4 walls and a security guard.

After spending at least 5 minutes in the Fort we headed to Raja market, where Rhonja did some shopping for clothes.
From my previous trips to Japan I remember that people tend to avoid the Golden week as much as possible because of crowds. Golden week 2016 was nothing compared to Raja Market. People are everywhere and even Rickshaws try to get through the crowds. If you like the sound of horns this is a must.

We headed back to our hotel to freshen up a bit, and for dinner went back to Shivalli to try out some new dishes. We asked our waiter for two curry recommendations, both were delicious!

Back at the hotel we asked the reception to arrange a cab for us at 6am,since we would be flying from Bengaluru to Kochi!